How Saved for Later Complements the Pomodoro Technique

05 Dec 2022

The pomodoro technique has become one of the most popular productivity methods. The idea is simple - you set a timer for 25 minutes, work without distractions, then take a 5 minute break. This technique helps you stay focused and avoid procrastination. I use it all the time to get my work done. Saved for Later is perfectly designed for it.

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Removing Distractions is Key

One of the biggest distractions when trying to work is the temptation to check social media, email, or random websites. Even if you have good intentions, just knowing a website is a click away reduces your focus. With Saved for Later, you can completely block chosen sites, removing the temptation altogether.

When your 25 minute pomodoro timer starts, you can focus fully, safe in the knowledge there are no distractions. Without the urge to check Twitter or refresh Instagram, you can concentrate on the task at hand, entering a state of flow. This makes your work sessions far more productive.

Once the timer rings, signaling your break, you can then open up Saved for Later and access websites for 5 minutes. Check Twitter, skim the headlines, read an interesting article. After 5 minutes, the sites will automatically re-block, ready for your next pomodoro.

The Perfect Productivity Combo

Having distraction-free work sessions, followed by controlled website access is the perfect recipe for staying productive with pomodoros. And by only allowing yourself to visit sites for 5 minutes, you avoid wasting half your break distracted on social media.

The genius of Saved for Later lies in the timed access. Unblocking sites for short bursts trains your brain that this is all the access you need. You learn that it’s not necessary to monitor certain sites all day long in the background.

Seamless Pomodoro Integration

With customizable blocking and access times, Saved for Later integrates brilliantly with any flavor of pomodoro you use. Whether you prefer short 15 minute bursts or longer 45 minute power sessions, it will support your workflow.

In an age of non-stop notifications and distraction, making the most of pomodoros is crucial for getting meaningful work done. Saved for Later offers you back the control. By blocking distractions and allowing timed access, it creates the perfect environment for pomodoro productivity.

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