Saved for Later helps you live the live you want to live.

Do you catch yourself scrolling Facebook and Instagram for way too long, comparing yourself to the carefully curated posts from friends, celebrities, and influencers? Do these endless, mindless browsing sessions leave you feeling inadequate and yearning for the picture-perfect lives of others?

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Use the internet. Don’t let the internet use you.

If so, you’re not alone - research shows both Facebook and Instagram can negatively impact wellbeing, especially for young people. But there is an easy solution to take back control - the Saved for Later Chrome extension.

Saved for Later allows you to block both Facebook and Instagram except for short, intentional sessions. No more wasting hours hypnotized by filtered images or posts designed to generate FOMO! Instead, access them briefly and deliberately without falling victim to negative social comparison and online fantasy lives.

Saved for Later lets you block distracting websites, except for short, timed sessions when you intentionally choose to view them. It’s like putting websites on a digital diet, freeing up time for what truly matters. It’s available on the Chrome app store, right here:

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Live intentionally

Save your brain space for living in and enjoying the real world around you - whether that means being fully present with friends, making progress on creative goals, or simply finding more peace of mind.

With Saved for Later you can:

  • Check social media for 15 minutes over your morning coffee
  • Save interesting posts to revisit later
  • Never worry about forgetting to re-block
  • Subscribe to put Facebook, Instagram, and more sites on a digital diet

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Spend less time on the internet. Spend more with your friends and family.

Privacy You Can Trust

We do not collect data about which websites you block. We do not collect data about which websites you save for later. The only data we collect is your email for subscription purposes, which we share with our billing partners Stripe and Extension Pay. We will never sell your data.

Affordable For All

The basic version is free and blocks up to 5 websites. For unlimited site blocking, subscribe for just $25 per year - less than $2 a month.

Here’s where you can find it: